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Transitioning into Independent Senior Living

Posted by CaraVita Village on Sep 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 2 minute read

Transitioning into Independent Senior Living at CaraVita Village

Adjustments can take time, and transitioning to an independent senior living community is no different. While the idea of retiring and remaining in your home may seem like the ideal scenario, you should take the time to research and learn the benefits of an independent senior living community.

CaraVita Village, an independent living community in Montgomery, Alabama, offers an abundance of luxurious amenities and regular social events in a resort-style setting. We want to share the benefits of independent living so you can get more out of life and more out of relationships!

Homeownership Woes

While many older adults strive to remain in their home through their retirement years, it can become more of a challenge as you and your home ages. With homeownership comes a plethora of responsibilities and upkeep, which can cost you money, time, and your peace of mind.

The unfortunate thing about owning a home is the unwanted maintenance costs and chores to upkeep it properly. If your home is aging, the likelihood of maintenance and potential remodeling needs increases. These costs can range from a few hundred dollars to over a few thousand dollars. The older your home is, the more likely you will need a significant renovation sooner rather than later. 

If your home is newer, you may not have to worry about repairs, but you do have to worry about regular tasks and chores. These chores can range from mowing the lawn to mending cracks or wall fractures. Even if they don’t seem like much, they impact the quality of time you have to enjoy your retirement. 

CaraVita Village maintains our beautiful suites, so you don’t have to worry about the needless chores and unexpected home maintenance costs. Our community offers all-inclusive living so that you can do the things you want when you want - that’s the beauty of transitioning to an independent living community! 

An All-Inclusive Retirement

Transitioning to an independent senior living community can be a leap, but it can also lead you to the retirement you deserve. CaraVita Village is an all-inclusive, resort-style community which allows you to live to stress-free and worry-free! 

Similar to a cruise ship, residents enjoy a wide range of activities, pricing structured according to desired benefits, and flexibility in keeping what they want and need in their room. Enter our community and start enjoying your retirement years!

Resort-Style Living

The best part about CaraVita Village is that our community feels like a luxurious vacation thanks to our resort-style approach to the community. Our residents are happy to adventure, relax, make friends, and attend events regularly. Living at CaraVita Village feels like living on a cruise ship that never leaves port!

GIVE CARAVITA VILLAGE A TRY!With an all-inclusive, resort-style approach, our residents know what it is like to experience a truly relaxing and carefree retirement. At CaraVita Village, you can experience cruise ship style living to truly unwind and enjoy the retirement you’ve worked so hard to achieve and deserve! 

If you’re interested in joining CaraVita Village to reclaim your retirement, schedule a tour and lunch with us to see what you’re missing!

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