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5 Tips to Promote Social Media Safety

Social media is a great tool that can keep us connected with family and friends, provide us with education and entertainment, and more. However, the internet is accessed by billions of people a [...]

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5 Ways to Help Increase Your Longevity

While genetics and healthcare can play a significant role in determining longevity, there are a variety of lifestyle changes that can help to increase your longevity, as well.

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Benefits of Senior Apartments at CaraVita Village

While homeownership can be wonderful, it can also be full of obstacles that prevent you from fully enjoying your retirement years. These hindrances are a driving point for the seniors demographic, [...]

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The Importance of Relationship Building for Seniors

Meeting new people can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! Making new friends and building new relationships can lead you down the road of new experiences and new adventures.

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The Benefits of Shared Apartments at CaraVita Village

Senior living communities like CaraVita Village are exploding in popularity. Communities such as ours provide an easy and affordable option for the ever-evolving retirement population. Senior [...]

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Wise Parents or Independent Living Consultants?

At CaraVita Village, we take pride in creating an enjoyable environment for independent seniors to appreciate each day while making lifelong friends. We want to ensure our residents have all of [...]

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Find Self-Love in Senior Living

What is the meaning of happiness? Trying to find your meaning of happiness may be difficult. Things that might make one person happy may not make others happy. For instance, some younger family [...]

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Can All-Inclusive Senior Living be Pet-Friendly?

At CaraVita Village, we are proud to be an all-inclusive senior living community. One of the questions we receive as this type of senior living community is “Does all-inclusive mean you are [...]

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