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Preparing for the Move to Independent Living

Posted by CaraVita Village on Mar 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Preparing for the Move to Independent Living_ CaraVita Village

Independent living communities have become vibrant places full of convenience and amenities. CaraVita Village is a 55+ retirement community in Montgomery, Alabama, designed like a cruise ship that never leaves port! Our resort-style community seeks to provide our residents with an unparalleled retirement experience that promotes rest and relaxation.

While moving into a senior living community is typically regarded as the best decision for one’s retirement, it may not be as straightforward as you may think. 

Selling your home is the first step to take on this journey, which may involve remodeling, staging, and ultimately finding a buyer to fund your retirement future. While the process can vary on length and how it is accomplished, selling your home can place you in an independent living community where you no longer have to worry or stress about unexpected costs, safety concerns, or tedious maintenance tasks. 

CaraVita Village is here to provide tips and key steps to selling your home and preparing for the move to independent living!

Remodeling Your Home

The first step of selling your home and moving into an independent living community is the remodeling phase. Depending on the age of your home, it may require an update or upgrades to be a viable contender on the real estate marketplace. This could involve upgrading/updating appliances, repainting the home, redoing floors, or similar tasks to refresh the aesthetics of the house. If your home doesn’t appear outdated or aged, you may be fine with a few basic, cosmetic upgrades to allure potential buyers. 

While there are many spots you could remodel or renovate in a home, most realtors agree that the most valuable room to remodel is your kitchen

Remodeling a home can be expensive, and you may not be looking to sink the time and money required if the end goal is to sell. Minor cosmetic upgrades may not increase the overall value of your home by much, but they can help differentiate you from your competition and help rouse buyers to view and consider your home. 

Staging the Home

While remodeling a house is a time consuming and expensive part of selling, staging the home is a simpler and less costly step. You will want to focus most of your efforts on cleaning the home and ridding it of unnecessary clutter. Staging your house is a crucial part of the selling process, as it is how your home will be presented to potential buyers.

During this process, you will want to look for ways to make your home feel and look bigger, brighter, and as new as possible. Removing clutter is one step, but here are a few tips and tricks to try when staging your home:

  • Open your curtains and let in natural lighting
  • Remove bulkier and older furniture in the house and consider renting newer pieces of furniture for the process
  • Rearrange or even get rid of furniture to make your home look bigger and have a feeling of openness 
  • De-personalize the home and remove personal pictures and items 
  • Work on your home’s curb appeal such as planting fresh flowers, power washing the sidewalks and driveway, and cleaning the windows

The more presentable your home looks, the better! For more tips on selling a senior’s home, we recommend reading our previous CaraVita Village blog.


Finding a Buyer

Finding a buyer for a house can vary. It can either be the easiest part of the process or the most lengthy; it can vary on the location of the house, the age of the house, etc. A helpful way to speed up this process is finding a realtor for your home or having help promoting your house sale to your community. 

Once you find a buyer for your home, you can begin the closing process, put that chapter to rest, and greet a new chapter of your life! CaraVita Village is a 55+ retirement community with amenities and services that help our residents truly relish in their retirement. 

If you’re interested in our community and are preparing to sell your current home, CaraVita Village may be able to help you through the process! Contact our experts to learn more.


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