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Should Mom or Dad Move to Independent Living?

Posted by CaraVita Village on Jun 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Should Mom or Dad Move to Independent Living?_CaraVita Village

There are different levels of senior living, and many assume they only revolve around assistance or care needs. Independent living is a level of senior living designed for active seniors who require no assistance with day-to-day activities.

If your mom or dad falls into that group of active seniors, you may think that living at home is their best option, but a retirement community can offer more benefits than you might realize. CaraVita Village, an independent living community in Montgomery, Alabama, aims to help those 55 and over truly enjoy their retirement years. If you are asking yourself, “should mom or dad move to independent living?”, here’s why we think the answer is “yes!”

Amenities that Promote Overall Health

According to the World Health Organization, “Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve their health.” 

Though your mom or dad may maintain an active lifestyle, the amenities and services offered at a retirement community are ones that cannot be provided in their home. Every community may differ on what they offer, but various amenities could include:

  • On-site wellness centers or fitness classes
  • Transportation services (should mom or dad not drive, or not want to drive)
  • Regularly scheduled events, gatherings, and celebrations
  • Educational classes or groups
  • Game, activity, or recreation rooms

Independent living communities aim to offer residents the freedom to maintain their preferred lifestyle with the benefits of services that improve their health, decrease their worries, and enhance their retirement.

CaraVita Village can be as exciting or relaxing as your mom or dad needs it to be. With a resort-style swimming pool, on-site beautician and barbershop, fitness center, library, and more, we strive to offer something for everyone. 


Retirement Living with No Maintenance

As a homeowner, you’re responsible for all upkeep, maintenance, repairs, upgrades – you name it. While homeownership can be exciting and fun, your mom or dad may not want to spend their retirement years mowing the lawn or buying new appliances. 

Independent living communities take the maintenance and worry out of retirement living. Just like an apartment complex, an independent living residents’ monthly fee incorporates all repairs, upkeep, and hassles, leaving your mom and dad free to relax!

Beyond building maintenance, retirement communities, like CaraVita Village, also offer dining services and weekly housekeeping services so that residents can focus on the things that matter to them without worrying about laundry or deciding what’s for dinner. 


Neighbors & Friends with Shared Experiences

Most, if not all, independent living communities have an age restriction regarding residency. While your mom or dad may share pleasantries with their current neighbors, moving into a retirement community guarantees them the ability to connect and meet with other adults their age.

Socialization plays a key role in increasing longevity and promoting overall health and wellness. Being surrounded by those similar in age gives you a common ground on which to build a relationship. Beyond that, those within the same age bracket tend to share similar beliefs, experiences, and interests.

Louis Cozolino, professor of psychology at Pepperdine University and author of Timeless: Nature’s Formula for Health and Longevity, states, “Of all the experiences we need to survive and thrive, it is the experience of relating to others that is the most meaningful and important.”

Retirement means something different for everyone. If you are asking yourself whether or not your mom or dad could benefit from independent living, we recommend speaking with him or her. Find out what retirement living means to them. If they want the opportunity to relax, spend more time with family and friends, or focus on a hobby or pastime, a retirement community could be the perfect solution. 

At CaraVita Village, we invite your mom or dad to join us at our all-inclusive, resort-style community located in beautiful Montgomery, Alabama. With private studio, one, and two-bedroom apartment options, as well as shared living options, our community is the perfect retirement destination for those seeking community, companionship, and meaningful experiences. Contact us to learn more!


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