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Benefits of Downsizing and Shared Living

Posted by CaraVita Village on Nov 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

Benefits of Downsizing and Shared Living at CaraVita Village

Downsizing can be a daunting task, but it can lead to less stress and a safer and easier-to-navigate home environment. When we buy our home, we typically buy them at a younger age. We plan to expand our family or utilize the space as much as we can and rarely think about growing older in the home.

As we age, ample living space can prove to be a much more inconvenient situation. Though your home may be full of memories, it may be time to downsize or consider transitioning to an independent living community

At CaraVita Village, we want to share the benefits of downsizing your home, as well as the benefits of considering a shared living space.

More Money, More Adventures

The reality behind downsizing is that it can give you more disposable income. More money at your disposal can be used to take trips with family and friends, or more money towards a hobby that keeps you busy and active. Feel-good stories of seniors achieving their lifelong goals are continuing to be viral articles. Stories like 92-year old Annie Thellwell, achieving her lifelong dream of holding a penguin or Anne Lorimor, becoming the oldest woman to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, are all prime examples that you can still achieve your goals and dreams regardless of age. Downsizing can place you on the right track to achieving your dreams by giving you the means to do so. senior-couple-canoeing-in-the-lake-PF7THRY

Reduce the Stress

Downsizing isn’t only about economically-friendly options; it’s also about placing you in a brighter environment and a better frame of mind. If your home is large or home costs are becoming too high, you may be putting unnecessary stress on yourself. 

Stress can cause adverse side effects that can result in a weakened immune system. According to Dr. Dossett, it can increase your risk of short-term memory loss, as well as take a toll on your sleeping pattern. No matter your age, stress can take a hefty toll on the mind and body, which can prevent you from genuinely enjoying your retirement. 

Safer, Smarter Living

Another benefit of downsizing is placing you in a safer environment with smarter living options and less worry about the “what ifs.” If you’re living in a home that is bigger than you need, it can make it hard to navigate it and maintain it safely. Downsizing or transitioning into an independent living community can place you in a better environment that is more suited to your wants and needs.

Economically-Friendly Options

While some may believe that senior living is out of financial reach, at CaraVita Village, we address this, as one of many options, with the option of shared living for those seeking to transition into an independent living community. Shared living allows you to experience our all-inclusive resort-style senior living community that is ripe with adventure and opportunity! 

While transitioning out of your home can be challenging, we do have a guide that can help place you on the right track. If you’re interested in experiencing what CaraVita Village has to offer, we encourage you to schedule a tour of our community and enjoy lunch on us!

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