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CaraVita Village Blog

Why CaraVita Village is a Safe Place to be During a Health Crisis

How Independent Living Benefits Individuals Working into Retirement

Should Mom or Dad Move to Independent Living?

3 Excellent Physical Activities for Older Adults

5 Tips to Promote Social Media Safety

Digital Tools & Resources That Aim to Improve Senior Health

Green Living: 4 Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Lifestyle

3 Vacation Ideas for Retirees

Ways to Spend Your 2020 Tax Return

Preparing for the Move to Independent Living

5 Vitamins and Minerals Vital to a Senior’s Health

Understanding Age and Appetite

Advice on How to Pay for Senior Housing

5 Common Myths About Senior Living

5 Ways to Help Increase Your Longevity

Things to Consider When Touring an Independent Senior Living Community

5 Helpful Tips and Suggestions for Selling a Senior’s Home

Benefits of Downsizing and Shared Living

Benefits of Senior Apartments at CaraVita Village

The Importance of Relationship Building for Seniors

Transitioning into Independent Senior Living

4 Senior Transportation Options You May Not Have Considered

Retirement Planning with CaraVita Village

Technology That Is Connecting Seniors

Tips for Explaining Diseases and Health Conditions to Family Members

The Benefits of Shared Apartments at CaraVita Village

Understanding the Senior Caregiver Journey

How to Avoid Online Scams Targeting Seniors

Resort-Style Senior Living

6 Tips for Helping Seniors with Their Doctors

Spring Cleaning Without Senior Living Services

The Value of a Senior Living Community

Program Spotlight | Stretch and Flex with Paul

5 Little-Known Sources of Protein for Seniors

The Benefits of Shared Senior Living

3 Essential Moving Tips for Seniors

3 Outstanding Recipes for Seniors with Diabetes

Tips for Traveling with Seniors

Wise Parents or Independent Living Consultants?

Find Self-Love in Senior Living

Can All-Inclusive Senior Living be Pet-Friendly?

The Importance of Living an Independent Life Clutter-Free

Why Seniors Should Be Patio Gardening

Identifying Signs of Changing Medical Needs

Beneficial Coping Options for Independent Living to Make the Transition Easier

Quality Independent Living Can Add Years to a Senior’s Life

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