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5 Helpful Tips and Suggestions for Selling a Senior’s Home

Posted by CaraVita Village on Nov 15, 2019 8:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

5 Helpful Tips and Suggestions for Selling a Senior’s Home

If your parent or loved one is considering the transition to a senior living community, one of the first steps to making this happen is to decide what to do with their house. Depending on your loved one’s situation, selling the home might be the best option.At CaraVita Village, we know selling a home can be difficult regardless of the age or location. That is why we would like to provide a few tips for selling a home so that your loved one(s) can finance their new home or new adventures.

Tip #1: Natural Lighting

The first tip to selling a home is making it more appealing to buyers. Letting natural light in wherever you can, can drastically improve the overall look and feel of the home. When you’re getting ready to show off the home, be sure to open the blinds and let the light shine in! 

The benefits of natural lighting are everywhere, from helping you save on energy costs, to providing a natural source of positivity and optimism. When selling a house, you want to make sure you are featuring it in its best light!

Tip #2: Depersonalization 

Buyers seeking a home can find it difficult to picture themselves living in the house when it is highly personalized with family photos, items, etc. It is recommended that you remove these items or utilize other items that are less personal and more friendly towards buyers.

Tip #3: Upgrading or Repairs

If something in the house is broken or outdated (such as appliances or furniture), it is best to deal with these problems before showing off the house for sale. Many buyers seeking a home will take note of the kitchen, as it is a vital component to buying or selling a home. Focusing on this by removing and updating items can be a significant selling point for buyers.

Removing bulky furniture is another smart idea, as it can free space up and make it a more welcoming and open space. How much money you set aside for repairs or upgrades is up to you and will depend on your circumstances or situation.

Tip #4: Yard Maintenance and Cleanliness

Selling an aesthetically pleasing and clean home is typically easier than selling the opposite. Before listing the home, be sure to clean every nook and corner that you can reach. A freshly cut lawn and a well-maintained walkway can drastically improve the exterior appeal of the home, which can aid you in selling the house and draw in buyers. 

Tip #5: Spreading Awareness

When getting ready to sell a home, one of the final stages in spreading awareness. During this stage, you can opt into hiring a real estate agent or take this on your own accord. Hiring a real estate agent can cut down a lot of the preparation time, but is an additional cost to account for.  

If you’re looking to handle selling a home on your own, presenting the house on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and/or Realtor are great resources to reach potential buyers. When you’re undertaking this phase on your own, be sure to take as many high-quality photos as you can, or hire a professional to take high-quality photos for you to show off all the features of the house.

Staging and Selling 

Now that the home is prepped and ready, you have entered the “staging” phase. As potential buyers reach out to walk through the house, offer beverages or refreshments, be sure to be available to answer all questions in a friendly manner and highlight all the best features of the home.

Selling a home five years ago is different than it is today as the market is always changing. We hope you found these tips for preparing and selling a home helpful! If the senior in your life is looking for an independent living community, CaraVita Village is an all-inclusive resort-style community with a vibrant and luxurious lifestyle! If you want to experience our community for yourself, we invite you to schedule a tour and enjoy lunch on us!

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