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5 Common Myths About Senior Living

Posted by CaraVita Village on Jan 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM | 3 minute read

5 Common Myths About Senior Living_CaraVita Village

There are many myths and misconceptions associated with senior living. Unfortunately, many of these myths were developed from people experiencing less-than-ideal communities.

With all of these misconceptions, it can be hard to discern the myths and facts. CaraVita Village in Montgomery, Alabama, wants to debunk five common myths about senior living and highlight the wonderful services, amenities, and opportunities independent living communities can offer you! 

Myth #1: Senior Living Communities are Boring & Lonely

A common misconception about senior living communities is that they have nothing to do. False! Most senior living communities offer a full range of activities and social outings to promote active living and socialization for their residents. 

From trivia to movie nights, CaraVita Village has a monthly calendar full of events! We know the value of building relationships, and we help foster socialization and engagement.

Myth #2: Meals are Bland & Unappetizing

False! Baby boomers are redefining retirement, and senior living communities have learned how valuable their dining services are to their residents. Today, many communities offer chef-inspired meals, multiple dining venues, and invite visitors to experience their dining first-hand.

In Montgomery, Alabama, CaraVita Village is offering resort-style dining! Our meals are made fresh, from scratch, and by our own Executive Chef.

Myth #3: Senior Apartments are Small & Lack Privacy

Every community is different, but most senior living communities have several floor plans and senior apartment options to choose from. 

CaraVita Village offers a variety of floor plans, including private studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom suites. The goal of our independent living community is to let our residents maintain their independence and privacy while being able to take advantage of everything our community has to offer. 

Myth #4: Senior Living Communities are Expensive

When you consider retirement, there are a lot of costs to take into account. While some are quick to assume that senior living communities are too expensive, in reality, a house can be more expensive when you consider mortgage, taxes, maintenance costs, etc. Communities vary by how they breakdown costs but fees typically include housing, food, and on-site benefits such as transportation or housekeeping.

CaraVita Village offers an all-inclusive senior living experience because your retirement should be about enjoying yourself, not stressing! If budget is something you are worried about, you can further reduce the cost by considering one of our shared apartment options.

Myth #5: Senior Living Communities are Nursing Homes

The senior living industry is continually expanding and evolving to the needs and desires of residents. A common myth about senior living is that the term is synonymous with “nursing home.” While many communities do offer advanced senior care services, they provide so much more than simply assistance and support.

Independent living communities, like CaraVita Village, allow older adults to enjoy their retirement without the worries of home maintenance. There are many heartwarming stories about seniors accomplishing lifelong goals even after they have moved into a senior living community. One such story comes from a 68-year-old woman named Suzanne, who accomplished a lifelong goal of publishing a children’s book.

Senior living continues to change and debunk the misconceptions surrounding it. CaraVita Village in Montgomery, Alabama, is a 55+ independent living community that can help you live your retirement to the fullest. If you still have misconceptions, we invite you to schedule a tour and free lunch at our community and experience it for yourself! 


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