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Green Living: 4 Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Lifestyle

Posted by CaraVita Village on Apr 15, 2020 8:00:00 AM | 4 minute read

Green Living: 4 Tips for Creating a More Sustainable Lifestyle_ CaraVita Village

As our world seeks to create a more sustainable lifestyle to protect future generations, you may be wondering how you can be a part of the green living movement.

Taking steps to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle can provide you with many health benefits and provide you with comfort in knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint.

As we celebrate Earth Day this month [April 22], CaraVita Village, a 55+ independent living retirement community in Montgomery, Alabama, wants to provide you with a few green living tips! 

1. Start Gardening

Gardening is one way to help reduce your carbon footprint and can help you create a more sustainable lifestyle for yourself, your family, and friends. Instead of buying fruits and vegetables from a store, you can grow your own and eat healthy and organic products. “Studies have shown small to moderate increases in some nutrients in organic produce,” and organic gardening habits reduce pollution and the use of potentially toxic pesticides.

On top of that, gardening can provide health benefits, including:

Gardening is also considered a moderate workout that may reduce the potential of developing new health conditions. This type of exercise can help improve hand strength and assist you in continuing an independent lifestyle. 

At first, gardening can come with a cost, but in the long run, it can help you save money. Gardening can help your wallet by providing you with produce at a fraction of the store’s cost. You can also reduce your footprint and waste by using certain foods or items as compost for your garden!

2. Recycle Practices

Recycling habits are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. However, it’s important to note that recycling practices have changed and may be different than you initially thought. For instance, while some may place a pizza box in their bin, it can prove to be an item that cannot be recycled due to the grease residue inside the box. 

As time goes on, recycling practices may change, and you must keep up with your town’s practices. 

Recycling is a significant green living habit, and doing it properly can save a lot of hassle. Electronic recycling policies may be another thing some are not too familiar with. Our electronics are full of parts that can prove to be useful for recycling, as well as parts that could be toxic to the environment, so they should never be thrown away in your regular trash. Many electronic stores have bins set-up where you can properly dispose of old cell phones or computers.

3. Reusable Products

Reusable products are another easy way to live a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. We buy a lot of plastic water bottles, as much as 20,000 every second! While some people prefer bottled water, it can take a toll on our planet and create a significant amount of waste. 

Not only do we buy billions of plastic bottles every year, but we recycle less than a quarter of those sold. Having a reusable water bottle or cup can help reduce the amount of plastic that is wasted in landfills or our oceans. Getting into this habit can create a more sustainable lifestyle while also helping you save money. Bottled water can cost us up to $1,800 a year, whereas tap water or a pitcher that filters water can cost a fraction of what you spend on bottled water. 

Also, switch to using reusable bags for your grocery shopping trips. Plastic bags are another item that, if not disposed of properly, can negatively impact the environment. For this reason, many grocery stores and supermarkets are removing plastic bags from their locations - making reusable bags, not only a green living habit but a necessity! 

4. Downsizing Options

Your carbon footprint may be exasperated if you find yourself living in a house that is bigger than your living needs. Homeowners throughout the world use a lot of energy, and if you’re living above your needs, it can cause your carbon footprint to increase. If your home has unused rooms, those rooms still soak up energy and resources to heat, air conditioning, or light.

While downsizing may not sound like an ideal solution, it can cut down on your energy use and save you money in the long run. Moving to an independent living community, like CaraVita Village, can help you reduce your carbon footprint while allowing you to reap the benefits of a community setting.


CaraVita Village, a 55+ retirement community in Montgomery, Alabama, is an all-inclusive resort-style community that can help you downsize your living situation while giving you the ability to live your retirement life to the fullest. You can experience CaraVita Village firsthand by scheduling a tour and free lunch!


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