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Find Self-Love in Senior Living

What is the meaning of happiness? Trying to find your meaning of happiness may be difficult. Things that might make one person happy may not make others happy. For instance, some younger family [...]

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Can All-Inclusive Senior Living be Pet-Friendly?

At CaraVita Village, we are proud to be an all-inclusive senior living community. One of the questions we receive as this type of senior living community is “Does all-inclusive mean you are [...]

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The Importance of Living an Independent Life Clutter-Free

At CaraVita Village, we want all of our residents to lead active, social lives and have access to a wide range of amenities. Our goal is to provide information and knowledge to aid others in [...]

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Why Seniors Should Be Patio Gardening

It is a warm sunny day. The rays of light dance with the gentle breeze. The birds are chirping a musical melody. The scent of morning dew greets you with each breath. If you have never spent a day [...]

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How to Identify the Signs of Medical Need in Older Loved Ones

It can be challenging to realize when your parents are beginning to showing signs of medical needs or if they are expressing mental and mood changes. If they are experiencing such changes, there [...]

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Beneficial Coping Options for Independent Living to Make the Transition Easier

The moving process is rarely viewed as fun and relaxed, which is why we want to share some exciting options for living independently in our community. We understand transitioning your loved one [...]

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Quality Independent Living Can Add Years to a Senior’s Life

Many seniors, who are perfectly capable of living on their own, have begun to make the transition into quality independent living communities as they desire the accommodations, amenities, and [...]

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